Pink Baby Shower Cake

70 Baby Shower Cakes and Cupcakes Ideas

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Enjoy several baby shower cakes and cupcakes here. These cakes are associated with the event of baby shower, which happens when people present gifts to the mother who has just given birth to her child.

In many countries all over the world, baby shower has been celebrated as a way to celebrate the greatest gift a woman can ever have, a child. This happy event is celebrated either after or before the birth of a child, which is characterized by presenting many gifts to the woman who has faced the trouble of raising a baby in her womb. Earlier, baby showers were celebrated for the woman’s first child, and only women were part of this ceremony. However, as the time has passed, people have started celebrating baby showers for their subsequent babies and also for their adopted children. It is also common for a mother to celebrated more than one baby shower inviting different gusts in each time.

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Baby showers are an excellent way of telling the new mother to gain some insight of what can happen in her life with a baby now. The women who have already gone through this experience can share some insight as to what the new mother should expect and how much she should change her life in order to carry out the difficult task of raising the baby.

The party of baby shower is celebrated by inviting all the close friends of the mother, typically arranged by the mother’s best friend, and the people then shower her with many gifts which she may need to raise her baby. Like many other happy occasions, the baby shower is celebrated with a wonderful cake, the photos of which we have gathered here. Enjoy!

First Class Baby Shower Cakes

First class baby shower cakes


baby shower ideas

Jungle Theme

Pregnant Baby Shower Cake Jungle Theme

 Amazing Cupcakes

Baby Shower Cupcake


baby shower cake boy


baby-showers-cakes ducks


Yellow baby shower cake


pregnant belly baby shower cakes

 Chocolate Baby Shower Cake

baby shower cake for girls

Pink Cute Cupcakes


Dress Cake

Baby Shower Dress Cake


baby shower cakes cupcakes


Crazy Baby Shower Cake ideas


baby shower boy girl cakes cupcakes


baby shower cake for girl


baby shower cupcake cakes



 Hello Duckie

cute baby shower ideas


Pink Baby Shower Cake


Boy baby shower cake

Cupcakes Idea

baby shower cupcakes idea


Cute Baby Shower Cake-Ideas


baby shower cake decorations

Baby Shower Cupcakes For Girl

baby shower cupcakes for girl

Christening Cakes

baby shower christening cakes


baby shower cake pregnant belly

Sports Theme

Baby Shower Cakes Sports Theme


girl baby shower cakes decorating


baby shower cakes with flowers butterflies


princess baby shower cake


Easy Cute Baby Shower Cakes


Beautiful Baby Shower Cakes for Boys


interesting girl baby shower cakes

Vintage Rustic

Vintage Rustic Baby Shower Cake

Pregnant Belly

girl shower cake pregnant belly

Baby Boy

Cute Baby Boy Shower Cakes


Duckies baby shower cupcakes

Cute Baby Shower Cakes

Cute Baby shower-Cakes for Boys

Baby Cupcakes

baby cupcakes

Cakes for Boys

Baby Shower Cakes for Boys




Baby Shower Cupcakes


Handmade Baby Shower Cake Ideas

 Gift From God

Cute Baby Shower Cakes

 Baby Cake

baby shower boy girl cakes

Baby Shower Cakes Ideas

baby shower cakes ideas

Simple Cake Ideas

Simple Baby Shower Cake Ideas


baby shower boy girl cupcakes

Cake Fondant Decorations

baby shower cake fondant decorations

Shower Decorated  Cakes

baby shower decorated cakes

Bottle Cake

large baby shower bottle cake

Girl Baby Shower Cakes

its girl baby shower cake


Crazy Baby Shower Cakes

Baby Shower Cakes

Baby Shower Cake

Cake Idea

baby shower cake idea


cakes baby shower

Shower Cakes for Boys

Baby Shower Cakes for Boys Ideas


cake neutral baby shower

Baby Shower Cakes

Round baby shower cake

Shower Cake

Erica OBrien baby shower cake

Baby Shower Cupcake

Baby Shower Cupcake Designs

Baby Boy Shower Cakes

Baby Boy Shower Cakes


large baby shower cakes


Simple Baby Shower Cake


Cute Baby Shower Cakes for Boys


Bathtub baby shower cake

Crescent Moon

Cute Baby Shower Cake in Crescent Moon


Green Baby Shower Cake

Round Baby Shower Cakes


Baby Boy

baby boy shower cake

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