Digital Art by RomanticFae

fairy spring RomanticFae

Digital Art by New Zealand based artist Andrea, aka RomanticFae. DeviantArt | Tumblr Aislenn Angel of the morning Born in blue flame Breath of the dragon Chinese Goddess dragon king fairy spring Goldie Locks Graceful Blossums Kana the dragon lord Lexanna Mechanical butterflies princess sleep Ravyn And Beast Saldrai Portrait …

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25 Touching Fathers Day Poems From Kids

Happy fathers day June

Looking for Fathers Day poems to write in a card? Your dad is special, so look through these Fathers Day poems and touch your Fathers heart with these short and sweet sentimental poems on Fathers Day. Fathers Day comes once a year and its a day where people celebrate to …

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Collection of 75 Phone Wallpapers in HD for Your Mobile

pegasus horse Phone Wallpaper

It is true that if you are a regular cell phone user, you might face a time when you will become bored of the default wallpaper present on your device, and will want to change it besides the ones which are present on your devices. Man always wants something new …

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30 Motivational Leadership Quotes and Sayings

inspirational leadership quotes

Leadership is one of the qualities which you do not find in every man. It is a rare quality which can make a man stand above the rest. When this quality is found in a man, he can change the fate of all the people around him. He can change …

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30 Beautiful Killer Whale Pictures and HD Wallpapers

The killer whale is sometimes also known as the orca whale or simply orca or the blackfish and is one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. It is a whale which has great teeth which belongs to the oceanic dolphin family originally. The killer whale is found in every oceans ranging from the Arctic Ocean to the Antarctic Ocean. …

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100 Most Fascinating Designs Of Tattoos For Girls

A tattoo is a basically a body modification, which occurs with the insertion of ink into the skin.  Teens, among which the tattoos are most popular with, consider tattoos as an object of expressing their feelings through it. Tattoos show the feelings of the person which he feels about any person in his surroundings. …

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70 HD Coca Cola Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Coca-Cola happiness factory

Certain wallpapers are found in many people’s devices. These kinds of wallpapers are popular among most people. These wallpapers also include Coca cola wallpapers which have astonishingly become quite popular among desktop wallpapers. This is because Coca Cola is one of the most popular beverages in the world which is …

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40 Wallpapers and Pictures of Dogs

Pictures of dogs are one of the most soothing pictures to the mind there are and can bring about sudden happiness in people. Dogs are the friends of man since a long time ago and are always there for his master whenever he needs him. It is a fact that …

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Amazing Transparent Animals Around the World

Glass Octopus

Fascinating nature surprises us when we least expect. Of those fascinating and strange creatures are Transparent Animals. They are creatures with transparent, glass-like skin that can be found in abundance around the globe. Some creatures use the camouflage techniques as a hunting and defense mechanism, others show everything they have …

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100 Best Halloween Costumes for Men and Women

Halloween has become one of the most enjoyable events of all year. This tradition is wildly awaited by everyone. When the holiday for Halloween comes, everybody likes to dress up in exciting and freaky costumes just so that they can celebrate this holiday with all their enthusiasm. This amazing event …

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