30 Motivational Leadership Quotes and Sayings

inspirational leadership quotes

Leadership is one of the qualities which you do not find in every man. It is a rare quality which can make a man stand above the rest. When this quality is found in a man, he can change the fate of all the people around him. He can change …

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25 Sympathy Quotes, Messages & Condolence

Frank Harris sympathy quotes

There may be times in a person’s life when he might be in desperate need of sympathy as some things may not be working in his life as he may want them to be. It is a grim fact that life is a place which provides hard times for everybody …

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30 Most Famous Confucius Quotes and Sayings

Funny Confucius Quotes

Confucius was a very famous Chinese teacher, politician, editor, and philosopher of the known Chinese spring and autumn period of the country’s history. Confucius quotes and sayings are still meaningful today as he is one of the most respected philosophers in the history of the world. The philosophy of Confucius mainly emphasizes on governmental and personal morality, …

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25 Great Walt Disney Quotes and Sayings

Walt disney courage quotes

Walt Disney is one of the largest motion picture production companies in the world which are popular in all the people around the world of all ages but the life of children would not be complete without it. Walter Elias Disney was the founder of this great company but to the world …

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40+ Mothers Day Quotes, Messages and Sayings

Mothers Day Quotes mothers love

Origin of Mother’s Day goes back to the era of ancient Greek and Romans. The earliest history of Mothers Day dates back to the ancient annual spring festival the Greeks dedicated to maternal goddesses. The Greeks used the occasion to honor Rhea, wife of Cronus and the mother of many …

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20 Inspirational Life Quotes and Sayings

There are many times in a man’s life, when he suffers from failure moving his life to a setback. At this exact moment, the one thing which this man desperately needs for himself is the feeling of inspiration from anything else which will inspire him enough to allow him to …

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Top 35 Albert Einstein Quotes and Sayings

Einstein was a genius in the truest meaning of the word and one of the most amazing scientists the world had ever seen. This scientist was quite amazing in his inventions and was not only an outstanding scientist, but was a great philosopher and a great thinker too. His thinking …

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25 Amazing Inspirational Quotes and Sayings

Sometimes in life, a man suffers from failure which moves his life to a setback. At this moment, the one thing which this person needs is the feeling of inspiration from anything else which will allow him to move his life back on track. The inspiration which this man needs …

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