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30 Most Famous Confucius Quotes and Sayings

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Confucius was a very famous Chinese teacher, politician, editor, and philosopher of the known Chinese spring and autumn period of the country’s history. Confucius quotes and sayings are still meaningful today as he is one of the most respected philosophers in the history of the world. The philosophy of Confucius mainly emphasizes on governmental and personal morality, justice, correctness of social relationships, and sincerity. Due the deep meanings of his quotes, Confucius’s thoughts were later received an official sanction which were then further developed into Confucianism system.

He was also an amazing writer and is the proud owner and editor of many Chinese classic texts which includes all of the Five Classics. He was one of those people who had a belief in Chinese belief and tradition. He was a staunch supporter of ancestor worship, strong family loyalty, respect of elders and respect of husbands by wives. He was also holding the view that family is the basis for any form of ideal government.

Although Confucianism is sometimes followed as a religion by several Chinese, it is often argued of it is a religion. Confucius discusses several elements of afterlife and also shared several views revolving Heaven, however remained largely unconcerned with various spiritual matters. He was also a believer of astrology and said that heaven sometimes sends symbols through which people should act accordingly. Confucius was also a supporter of moral values and his moral teachings mostly emphasizes on self-cultivation and the attainment of skilled judgment. His moral teachings sometimes require examination and the context in which they are said to be understood. He is definitely one of the greatest personalities to set foot on this planet and his quotes are one of the most amazing ones through which you can learn something definitely. Enjoy!


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Funny Confucius Quotes


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Motivational Confucius Quotes


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