30 Beautiful Killer Whale Pictures and HD Wallpapers

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The killer whale is sometimes also known as the orca whale or simply orca or the blackfish and is one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. It is a whale which has great teeth which belongs to the oceanic dolphin family originally. The killer whale is found in every oceans ranging from the Arctic Ocean to the Antarctic Ocean. They collectively as a species possess quite a diverse diet; however individual killer whales can specialize in their particular preys. Some of the killer whales feed primarily on fish, while other individuals of these species also hunt marine mammals including pinnipeds and many others, and some of these individuals also eat large whales. This species is regarded as being apex predators, which lacks natural predators.

These animals are regarded as being highly social; and some of these animals have made up quite stable matrilineal family groups which are found to be one of the most stable which has been found in any of the animal species. The individuals of this species possess very sophisticated hunting techniques and extremely powerful vocal behaviors, which are passed along to the offspring and are found specific to a particular group. These tactics are generally passed across generations and have formed as a form of killer whale culture.

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The dangerous behavior of killer whale has been found threatening to some of the local populations as the sea has suffered prey depletion which has made these animals to attack humans. Some of the local populations of killer whales have been listed under Endangered Species list. They have been featured strongly in several mythologies with their reputation being souls of humans to merciless killers. Enjoy the most amazing killer whale pictures here.


amazing killer whale pictures


Beautiful killer whale pictures


family killer whale pictures

Feed Me

Feeding killer whale pictures

Killer Whale Pictures

 killer whale pictures


Evening killer whale pictures

Killer Whales

 killer whale herd pictures


Jumping killer whale pictures


baby killer whale pictures

Killer Whale Background

HD killer whale pictures


 killer whale ocean pictures


Leaping Orca Pictures

Killer Whale HD

Orca Wallpaper

Killer Whale Wallpaper

 killer whale HD Wallpaper

Orca Whale

 killer whale sunset pictures


Playing Orca Pictures


 killer whale Photo


Orcinus Pictures

HD Wallpaper

 killer whale pictures wallpapers

Leaping Killer Whale Pictures

leaping killer whale pictures


Swimming killer whale pictures

Orca Pictures

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Killer Whales

 killer whale show


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 killer whale splashing


Ice killer whale pictures


 killer whale


lovely killer whale pictures

Alaska Killer Whale Pictures

Alaska Killer Whale Pictures


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