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25 Sympathy Quotes, Messages & Condolence

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There may be times in a person’s life when he might be in desperate need of sympathy as some things may not be working in his life as he may want them to be. It is a grim fact that life is a place which provides hard times for everybody who lives it. Many people face some kind of a setback in their life, pushing their life as hard as it can towards doom. Life has always been ready to give people some hard times even when they are not ready for it. When a person least expect it, life will give him troubles which he will not be prepared of entirely, thereby giving him a surprise when he least expect it. A time may come in the life of a man when he will fall behind on his daily routine and will fail in his commitments. He may seem to think that his friends have left him stranded in a deep hole from where he cannot recover from, although this may not be correct in any sense for him. The thing which he now needs is some kind of inspiration which will make him feel special in the life he spends.

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When a man is facing desperate and needy times, he seeks out the different things which he can do but one thing he should do is to not lose hope and continue to work hard to find solutions to his problems. He should understand completely that it is only he who can fix his life. If he looks away from the troubles of life, he will not survive in this world, and will never become a wonderful person.  Mentioned here are some sympathy quotes which may provide him with some kind of consolation.

“No person is ever truly alone. Those who live no more, whom we loved, Echo still within our thoughts, our words, our hearts”. Richard Fife

alone sympathy quotes


“Though sympathy alone cannot alter facts, it can help to make them more bearable.” Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker sympathy quotes

“Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.” Unknown.

Comforting Sympathy quote

“Like crying wolf, if you keep looking for sympathy as a justification for your actions, you will someday be left standing alone when you really need help.” Criss Jami

Criss Jami Sympathy quote

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal.”

death sympathy quotes

“If you’re looking for sympathy you’ll find it between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.” ― David Sedaris.

David Sedaris sympathy quotes

“Three-fourths of the people you will ever meet are hungering and thirsting for sympathy. Give it to them, and they will love you.” – Dale Carnegie

famous Sympathy quotes

“Such actions are beyond praise: it is the perfume of such sweet and noble human sympathy that makes this wild beasts’ cage a world habitable for men.” – Frank Harris

Frank Harris sympathy quotes

“May you heart and soul find Peace and Comfort.”

heartfelt sympathy quotes

“Don’t lost hope. When the sun goes down, the starts come out.”

Hope sympathy quotes

“Those we love don’t go away. They walk beside us everyday.”

Loss Sympathy Quote

“Your father was wonderful person. He will be sincerely missed by all. May his soul rest in peace.”

loss-of-father sympathy quote

“Sympathy is only meted out if you follow all of society’s rules for how a victim is supposed to behave.” Nenia Campbell

“And whoever walks a furlong without sympathy walk to his own funeral drest in his shroud”. – Walt Whitman

Sad Sympathy Quotes

“Sympathy gives immediate shelter to grief”. – Anonymous

Shelter to Grief sympathy quote

“Next to Love, Sympathy is the Divinest passion of the Human Heart”. Edmund Burke

Sympathy a divine passion

“Words cannot express my sadness. May the comfort of God help you through this difficult time.”

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“Your memories comfort you in your time of sorrow.”

Sympathy Quotes Images

 Sympathy Quotes

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“As you comprehend this profound loss, let yourself cry knowing each other is a not of love rising to the heavens.” – Anonymous

Sympathy sayings

“Words, however kind, can’t mend your heartache, but those who care for you share your grief and wish you comfort and peace of mind. May you find strength in the love of family and in the warm embrace of friends.”

sympathy words quotes

“If a person’s mind is controlled by forces of revenge and jealousy, it cannot express love and sympathy. And even if they show love and sympathy to others it will yield no good result. The thought will not be reflected in love but in hate.”  – Varehand Gandhi.

Virchand Gandhi sympathy quote

“Kindliness and sympathy, fellowship and understanding, are always good, but best when they come from a distant corner of the world.” – Archibald Hill

best sympathy quote

“May the stars carry your sadness away. May the flowers fill your heart with beauty.” – Chief Dan George

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